Saturday, November 16, 2013

I was very Lucky this day!

Took the train to San Bernardino on Wednesday. 

Arrived at the San Bernardino Train Station, it looks very new and clean, but located in a very remote area.
The city is basically in the middle of nowhere, however unlike L.A., it's nice and quiet out crowded public transportation. (bus drivers are also more friendly here.)

Me stalking children in the school playground.^^"
(this is Arrowhead Elementary)

 After taking the time to admire the famous Arrowhead landmark. I look for the closest McDonald's to get a milk shake. Then I notice something was wrong, my backpack was gone!
  First I thought I must have left it somewhere on the road when I was  putting all my attention on taking pictures and recording videos. So I track back the same way I came and found nothing. I was starting to get worried at this time, although there,s nothing valuable in the backpack, just some food, water, guide book and travel schedules. I guess the only possibility left is that I left it on the bus. so I gave up searching for it and hope to find it some how on the way back to the train station.
  I found the nearest bus stop and waited for the bus for nearly a hour, and the bus finally arrived.
  Lucky, it was the same bus that I left my backpack on, I was so glad when I saw my backpack at the front of the bus next to the driver, she told me someone found it and brought it to her. I was so grateful!
(but too bad didn't got my milk shake again^^)


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