Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hercules PowerUP Creature Design

  These are the sketches I drew for the creatures in the comic,
at first I didn't really give it much thoughts about what they are,
just wanted to create something like Gremlins or Goblins, bunch of nasty little creatures
causing all kind of troubles.
   Then the story started to take shape,and I realize thats just not enough, I need to make these creatures more fearsome, so I gave them the ability to drain life-force.
   The first victim in the comic was drained almost instantly...    

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Original Pages of Hercules PowerUP

  The Original story began with a boy being chase by these creatures,
he accidentally runs into the forbidden ground where Hercules is locked up by Zeus.
  Afterward I thought it was too boring, and wanted to make a connection with the real world,
so I added the previous pages where the boy was taking pictures of the Parthenon,
then he got suck through a dimension portal that appear out of nowhere and ended up in
another world...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hercules PowerUP Comic < Chapter 01 >All 35p.

Hercules PowerUp 01 Dialog Version now ready for purchase!   
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Updated may 3,2010
end of first chapter, hope you all enjoy it...

  if you have any Ideas, can post it here,

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Hercules PowerUP chapter2(part1) is available for purchase at ""

3D Greek Structure Background

I always hate drawing background,
because it takes up too much time.
Well the best solution is to use 3D Objects for background,
all I need to do is build an 3D Object
and use it over and over again,
So I found this easy to learn and free 3D software
"Google Sketchup".
I use it to build the Greek structure in the comic.

Hercules White Briefs

His briefs was first colored in red,
you might ask why did I change it to white?
well I try using red in the comic ,
but it just doesn't seem right.
so I decided to change to white to match the back ground of the comic.
(or is it just one of my personal fetish?)

Rough sketch of Hercules

This is the rough sketch of Hercules,
the sketch is done in Manga Studio.
it was then inked and colored in photoshop.

Original Character Design of Hercules

These are the two main character of my comic "HERCULES POWER UP"
The Boy on the Left is an senior college student (major in Art & Design),
who is on a class trip in Europe for art studying(maybe it's more of just site seeing).
His name is "Lucien Primson"(22y)
sexual orientation "Gay"
P.S. still a virgin...???
(I change the character name from Lucio to Lucien, edited May 25,2010.)