Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gay Tarot Cards

 Yes, it's a Gay themed Tarot deck! (not gay as in's gay as in male+male)

   This arrived in the mail yesterday, it's the Gay Tarot deck I've ordered from two weeks ago.
    I was searching the Internet for some inspirational gay artworks earlier this month, and came across this familiar type of image, they were Tarot cards with artworks promoting gay life styles.
   At first, I was surprised and anxious, then a strong desire of possession risen inside me. I start to search for retailers on the web, after few observations and comparisons, I decided to purchased two copies from, one for reading and the other kept sealed for collection. 
   I never thought anyone would create or even publish such thing. A gay themed tarot deck
probably wont be welcomed by the majority Tarot card readers, but some collectors might pick it up. I have to say, the artworks are just magnificent and beautifully illustrated, but you might need a magnifying glass to see the details.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hercules original combat

Some of you might find this picture a bit familiar, 
yes, it is base on a sculpture from Italy (Original Combat / Hercules and Diomedes
the first time I saw this sculpture was about 20years ago, I was reading some random magazine, and this picture of two naked muscular men wrestling carved out of marble caught my eyes,
that was probably the first time I've ever saw such a homoerotic art piece.