Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hercules original combat

Some of you might find this picture a bit familiar, 
yes, it is base on a sculpture from Italy (Original Combat / Hercules and Diomedes
the first time I saw this sculpture was about 20years ago, I was reading some random magazine, and this picture of two naked muscular men wrestling carved out of marble caught my eyes,
that was probably the first time I've ever saw such a homoerotic art piece.


  1. looks great .. yet you use this type of inventory? .. can Hercules and his little friend will be at the Olympics :P

  2. Absolutely anything with your Hercules wrestling is a huge turn it nearly time to see the Mage outmuscle mighty Hercules Mauleo? :)

  3. Hurray! Mauleo is back! Missed you and your work. Good job!

  4. Hercules is spurting, er, I mean sporting some mighty fine big balls.

  5. great job, Mauleo,
    very hot