Wednesday, September 29, 2010

my lunch yesterday

Many Thanks to the Fans who purchase "Hercules PowerUp 2.1", My gratitudes to you !!
Tell me what you "like" or "don't like" about the comic, this helps me make it better in the future! 
This is what I had for lunch yesterday, it's chicken noodles ^_^
yes, I eat with chopsticks,
these are actually Korean chopsticks, unlike the Chinese and Japanese chopstick
it's made of solid stainless steel and it's flat.
(and few other Asian countries also use chopsticks, too )

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hercules PowerUp2.1(released)

 -these are thumbnail pictures of the comic-

Thank you for participating on the poll and your patients,
no, I'm sorry chapter2.1 is not for free.
  I set up the poll because I want to know the approximate number of fans out there,
and how many are willing to purchase.

Hercules PowerUp chapter2 (part1) is finally released for purchase.
there are 8 different versions to choose from $10 usd each,

please goto "" if you're interested.   

(contact me via e-mail if you want to buy more than one version.)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Hercules First Time

this is the picture where it all started. 
yes, it has been two years now, from the first Hercules picture I shared on the enternet.

first I wanted him to have huge hairy muscles... 
then I wanted him to have a huge hard-on...
last I wanted him to ejaculate gallons of semen...

last day on the poll,
Hercules PowerUp 2.1 will be available for purchase right after the poll is over.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lucien's outfit

There's a Typhoon outside right now, the wind is so strong I'd probably get blow away if I step out of the house.

This is what Lucien's outfit based on,
actually it's just my cloth on my bed with a stuffed animal (yes, I sleep with it and I need a new one.)
I bought those shoes few years ago at a Timberland store, and never wear them... 

Friday, September 17, 2010

(page19 sample) Hercules PowerUp chapter2.1

this is sample of page 19,(last sample)
3 days left on the poll, really feels like I'm running out of time here...^_^
the comic is still not finish yet, trying to pick up the pace now.
I'll announce how to purchase the comic on Sept.20,2010, if it doesn't delay.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hercules PowerUp chapter2.1(page13 sample)

Here's the sample of page 13,
Yes, there are Zombies in this chapter ^_^
and I just saw Resident Evil 4 (3D version) at the theater yesterday,
I think I almost jumped out my seat for like 10 times...
the movie is very entertaining, that is if you don't have a heart problem...
I don't normally enjoy movies that are startling, but this one, I like.      

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hercules PowerUp chapter2.1(page7 sample)

This is Sample of page 7

I believe many of you already notice the poll at the upper right,
the majority is "$0.USD" as expected.
the poll is "Acceptable Price for Hercules PowerUp Chapter2.1" (24pages Digital)
Yes, feel free to participate even if you answer is $0.USD
have fun ^_^

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hercules PowerUp chapter2.1(page1 sample)

This is a sample of page 01 (Hercules PowerUp chapter2.1)
I did some research recently about "Paypal", the service does not allow adult digital product.     
Still looking for ways to go around this...

The comic is now 40%complete, many pages waiting for me to color...

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hercules PowerUP Chapter 2 (part 1) Sketch 01

This is the Sketch of the first page of "Hercules PowerUP Chapter 2 (part 1)".

     This time I'm putting in dialogs for the characters, so the story can be more interesting.
but English is not my Primary Language, I can't come up with clever lines/speeches like most writers do.
     I know how to draw my fantasies, but not good at describing them with words. and without a online dictionary, I probably can't even spell correctly...   

    Chapter 2, is divided into "2 parts", Part 1 is 24pages digital format.
the release date is around September 20,2010.

price not decided yet,
is $20 (USD) to expensive? any opinion on the price?