Monday, September 20, 2010

Hercules First Time

this is the picture where it all started. 
yes, it has been two years now, from the first Hercules picture I shared on the enternet.

first I wanted him to have huge hairy muscles... 
then I wanted him to have a huge hard-on...
last I wanted him to ejaculate gallons of semen...

last day on the poll,
Hercules PowerUp 2.1 will be available for purchase right after the poll is over.


  1. I still think you shouldn't do it for free. Since i'm an artist also and understand how much time you spend on it. You should considered the next one beside free. :3

  2. too hot. i'd like to have sex with that guy now imm╬Ádiately.

  3. that muscle-bound mountain is junior's love bitch now...