Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hercules PowerUp2.1(released)

 -these are thumbnail pictures of the comic-

Thank you for participating on the poll and your patients,
no, I'm sorry chapter2.1 is not for free.
  I set up the poll because I want to know the approximate number of fans out there,
and how many are willing to purchase.

Hercules PowerUp chapter2 (part1) is finally released for purchase.
there are 8 different versions to choose from $10 usd each,

please goto "www.mauleo.com" if you're interested.   

(contact me via e-mail if you want to buy more than one version.)


  1. Any plans for using Paypal? I'd rather pay that way.

  2. easy payment and fast sending of the comic, thanks
    part 2.1 is awesome, can't wait for the next part

  3. As before, chapter 2.1 is brilliant, I enjoyed it thoroughly. When will chapter 3 come out?

  4. Loved chapter 2!!!! Hope chapter 3 comes out soon!

  5. The last image of hercule power up