Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hercules PowerUP Chapter 2 (part 1) Sketch 01

This is the Sketch of the first page of "Hercules PowerUP Chapter 2 (part 1)".

     This time I'm putting in dialogs for the characters, so the story can be more interesting.
but English is not my Primary Language, I can't come up with clever lines/speeches like most writers do.
     I know how to draw my fantasies, but not good at describing them with words. and without a online dictionary, I probably can't even spell correctly...   

    Chapter 2, is divided into "2 parts", Part 1 is 24pages digital format.
the release date is around September 20,2010.

price not decided yet,
is $20 (USD) to expensive? any opinion on the price?


  1. this looks awesome, cant wait for the release,20 USD is okay :-)

  2. If you have a script in Mandarin, I'd be happy to help translate into English.

  3. I hope it can be brought by Paypal cuz i'll be in the frontline waiting! X3

  4. I hope you always have Hercules available in electronic edition or PDF the whole thing. For those of use in countries where we can't printed gay comics, we would truly apprecciate PDFs.