Thursday, February 25, 2016

Hercules on Blu-ray

I've never thought these movies will ever be made into Blu-rays.
I was very excited when I found them on U.K. amazon.
Placed an order without hesitation the moment I saw it.

The image quality is indeed better than DVD as expected.
However, I was hoping they use the original  4:3 Aspect ratio.
Unfortunately they went with the 16:9 Aspect ratio,
which crops a huge chunk of the image off from the top and bottom.

They're available only in region B for the time being.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Hercules Love 2016

Home made Pudding

I always wanted to try this at home, and finally I did it.(yes, it looks like crap.)
This is the first time I made vanilla pudding at home...,and,... I burnt it.
Good thing is that even though it was burnt it still tasted like heaven with an extra charcoal sent to it.
And of course there are pieces of cooked egg lumps formed already...