Monday, July 29, 2013

Hercules vs Minotaur (How was it created)

Rough sketch 
(I stopped using paper and pencil years ago. This is created digitally, using a Wacom Tablet.) 

Tight Sketch
(After creating a rough sketch of the image. 
I'd re-sketch over it, and end up with a cleaner image to work with.)  

(Re-draw again with black lines, so the artwork starts to come to life.
This is a very important process in comic/manga and cartoon creation.)

Flat Colors
(Filling in the appropriate colors for each different parts of the image.)

(I use cel-shade technique to color most of my artworks.
No, you don't need to go to art-school to learn this stuff.
Athough I did took a few sketch classes very... long time ago, but was mostly self taught.)

Finally, Background Highlights and Hair. 

And Sometimes I like to add an alternative version.

Actually, drawing is very easy, anyone can do it. 
But it's time consuming.
Creating an artwork like this, takes hours.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Hercules July 2013

 I've saw Pacific Rim in 3D a few days ago at a theater.
It's feaking awesome!

 It's way better than the Transformers movies, in my opinion.

 Generally, the movie is very entertaining.
But because it's rated PG in my region, there were childrens in the theaters.