Monday, November 11, 2013

Bent-Con Day3 final

I was invited to a nude life drawing the second night.
First time had such an experience, drawing real naked people.(didn't had any time to drool over the models, because of the very limited time to draw each pose.^_^)

A very special electronic store near the convention.
I bought a copy of The Never Ending Story Blu-Ray disc, and went to get breakfast.(I wanted a vanilla milk shake, but the machine was under maintenance, so I had OJ instead.^_^)

Gifts from Jezza and Patrick, I'm so grateful!
Please visit for Jezza's Works.
And for Patrick Fillion's Works.

Finally, completed my three days of Bent-Con, I'm heading back to LA on the train first thing in the morning.
The convention was very fun, but I'd recommend to go with friends(if you wish to attend next year), so you don't end up wondering around trying to figure out what to do next, like me.^_^


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