Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Going home tomorrow

Visited the California Science Center today.
got to see the space shuttle Endeavour. It is Magnificent!
Seeing the space shuttle up close is quite an experience^_^

Of course, I didn't miss the seven story tall IMAX theater.
I saw the "Space Station"
The screen is bigger than I expected. 
I picked a seat right in the middle of the theater, the 3D effects was so good that it felt like I could almost touch the astronauts leg hairs. This is an educational documentary film, and I'm checking out hot astronauts legs, I feel so perverted right now...^_^"

Well, this is the last day I'll be in L.A.
Going home tomorrow.

Thanks for all the supports!


  1. WoW, it is beautiful,once in a lifetime experience!!! :)

    1. Indeed! seeing the space shuttle in such close range is breathtaking at first sight.^_^