Friday, October 19, 2012

Hercules Halloween 2012

(I'm using the last one for my screen background right now!)

  Got this Stuffy nose when I was working on the last few pages of Hercules PowerUp Chapter 3, and it was stuffed while creating this picture, too. 
However, it finally cleared up this morning, and now i feel alive again ^_^



  1. Lucien - "This place gives me the creeps Herc! Let's get out of here!"

    Hercules - "Don't be frightened. I won't let any ghosts or goblins harm you. I will protect you!"
    (Hercules lifts Lucien and places him on his huge shoulder)

    Lucien - "That's a little better"

    Hercules - (Flexes his bulging bicep) "With these muscles, I will destroy any creature that even thinks about laying a hand on you!"

  2. thanks for the great halloween pic, Mauleo.
    It's cool and damn hot