Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Old Sketches of Hercules

  Here's something I dug up from my old sketches.
This is when I still draw with paper and pencil, inking with markers and inking tip pens.

  It's created about ten years ago, and only have five pages, I never completed it.
 Clearly, I was obsessed  with "Altered Beast" at the time.
Big muscle man enters a cemetery, and fights zombies popping up from the ground ^_^

And the Name Hercules "PowerUp", also came from "Altered Beast" as well.


  1. Pic1
    L: What is this, Hercules?
    H: It’s the graveyard of the lost souls.
    H: It’s the only way to get to the temple *points to the temple at the end of the graveyard*

    L: I don’t like the place, Hercules, it’s so spooky. I can almost sense the lost souls.
    L: Come, let’s forget the temple and have some fun *grabs one of herc’s nibbles*
    H: We must go to the temple, Lucien.
    H: Don’t worry, you are safe with me, babe. These muscles protect you. *flexes one bicep*

    Pic 3
    H: *grins* I see that coming
    H: Look, the souls arise to protect the temple.

    Pic 4
    L: *worried* I better stimulate you to make you stronger.
    H: no worries, I can handle this, sweetie
    H: no Lucien! I said I can handle this.
    H: I’m gonna crush them *smirks*

    I'm very happy you are back, Mauleo :)
    Thanks for sharing your old art.

    Wow, I didn't know that you got the idea of Luicen and Hercules already ten years.

    1. Thanks for filling in the dialogs ^_^

  2. So fascinating to see how you've evolved! I actually would like to see this story with new art

    1. I'll try to keep that in mind, maybe someday when I have time^_^
      Oh my god, it rhymes...

  3. Wow, Hercules was lean ten years ago. Did you have it in mind back then to make Hercules cum a lot?

    1. Yes, he is much leaner comparing to his size now.
      No, I didn't thought of that yet then.
      The idea started from this picture" "