Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Another Sketch

Saw "Prometheus" (Alien prequel) yesterday.
Got a whole row of seats all to myself again. I'm actually starting to enjoy watching movies alone, I mean its always nice to be companied by a friend or two, but there's more freedom when alone. (especially if you have friend that talks during the middle of a movie.)

Mainly, I think the movie was very good in general, don't know what's with all the negative reviews?
Well if you're an"Alien" fan that wants to see an "Alien" movie, you'll probably be very disappointed. Because this movie is nothing like any of the "Alien" movies. It's more of an Sci-Fi adventure movie than a creepy "Alien" movie. they don't even have those traditional creepy dark slimy Alien with a tale used for amputating adroids.
  If you're a Sci-Fi fan, it's a must watch. and there are a few "unpleasant" gore scenes, some may find it disgusting(like me), when others enjoys this kind of stuff...




  1. agreed.

    btw. your blog feed subscribeto option disappeared so you are no longer in my reading list whats up with that?

    1. Sorry,I was doing some cleaning up on my follower list, I mistakenly blocked you...

    2. ye, there it is, that´s okay... but please do not block me again..

  2. Hercules muscles bulged and throbbed painfully from the intense weightlifting match. He knelt down to catch his breath and rest momentarily. Though he managed to summon all his strength and lift the weight one more repetition than his burly opponent, no one would have imagined the contest to be so close. As Herc rested, he noticed over his left shoulder that his powerful adversary was flexing his bulging biceps... effectively taunting Hercules into another test of raw muscle and strength.

  3. I haven't seen the movie yet, the cinema start is in August. I don't listen to negative reviews and I will see it.

    Cute pic. Herc looks like he is waiting for Lucien ;-)