Monday, June 25, 2012

Korean Food

This is the second time I visited a Korean restaurant.
Last time I ordered a Korean Instant Noodle.
Yes, they actually serve that in some of the none Traditional Korean restaurants.

I think I ordered a cold noodle with Korean hot sauce this time. The noodle is very chewy and very spicy, different from anything I ate before.
And No, they didn't have Instant Noodles at this restaurant.


  1. mauleo! this is naeng-myeon(naeng:cold , myeon:noodle)and korean usually eat summer. how about you? hot and spicy?;) upper in the picture, the other person ate bibimbab!(bibim:mix, bab:rice) you live in singapore?

    1. No,I don't live in Singapore, but I speak some of their languages.