Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hercules Bench Press

This is a old sketch that I've never finish working on.
Whenever I got an idea in my mind, I try to sketch it down.but many were left unfinished, some of them are just bla of lines that only myself can understand.
  There's a few sketches like this one, abandoned somewhere in my hard drive.


  1. no contest, not enough weight for Herc ;-)
    hot sketch, thanks

  2. Great stuff Mauleo! Finished or not, please post more! Very HOT!

  3. ....and before he knew it, an intruder overpowered the sweating Hercules and tied him down. He watched helplessly as his cock twitched and spat thick white cum. If only his hands were free. His captor chuckled with sadistic glee as the bound and helpless grunted and struggled in his tight bonds.....

  4. wow Hercules is a strong male .. mugbys show show of force with Ares, or competition Olympijskie
    Great drawing, you have talent

  5. Having Lifted the massive weight for 15reps, the muscular beast proudly stepped away from the weight bench. It was now the mighty Hercules turn to show his power. The weights, though average in looks, used magnetic energy to create a barbell heavy enough to challenge the strongest of muscles. Hercules grunted loudly as his muscles powered through the first 3 repetitions. Slowing his pace, Hercules muscles bulged as he began to sweat through the next several lifts. Determined not to be out-muscled by anyone, Hercules struggled to power through. 7..8.........9....