Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hercules in 3D

 (you'll need 3D glasses to view this picture)
(this one is backwards, thanks to "PunkTiger" for pointing out ^_^)
(homemade 3D glasses, using foam board and cellophane paper.)

This is the first time I've created a 3D anaglyph, it took few attempts to get it right.
I didn't even know that I'm suppose to create two different images in the beginning....

Thanks again for your supports! 
I'm thankful for all the Fans out there,
the Fans who give me suggestions and Ideas,      
and of course the Fans who purchased my comics. 

Happy Thanksgiving ! 
(PS: in Canada Thanksgiving is second Monday in October.)


  1. Not bad! The 3D version still isn't quite right, though. It looks like you have the blue and red channels reversed on Herc and friend. Turning my glasses around make the two of them "pop" in 3D, but the background goes wrong.

  2. wow, hot muscle worship in 3D.
    Thanks a lot.
    Now I need a 3D-glasses :-)

  3. Quite good! but the second not that 3D enough.
    you should not cross that image too much.
    coz when i see the 2nd pic the color is run.
    it look like double image.
    so you should lees it.
    it's just my advise hope u dont mind.

  4. Lovely!
    Would love to do an article on ya for my blog at some point-
    Let me know what might work for you!