Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hercules VS Nemean Lion ( Finish)

 sample of Hercules vs Nemean Lion page 01

Hercules VS Nemean Lion ( 14 pages digital ) 

8 different versions $6 USD each, purchase at ""

includes a .txt file of the original story written by "Firebrand" from Germany.

Thank you very much for the supports ^_^


  1. congrats to another awesome comic,
    Hercules is soooo damn hot.

  2. hey mauleo! great job here!

  3. man I wish I could get it but I don't have a credit card to use with Alert Pay. crud

  4. Hey Mauleo, I have a few suggestions, why not make a cover for each chapter of Hercs? It's better w/o none, and it makes it look more like real comics, plus it's eye-catchy! Also you could make several different covers, like different covers for different version (diff poses too of course) to make it a collector's edition, that's gotta earn you more right? Well keep doing what you're doin! Good luck!