Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hercules Customize Figure

I'm trying to customize my own Hercules Action Figure,
this is a classics He-Man Figure from "",
it's the first issue, it has red shadow around the eyes and shoulders are installed backwards.

I was gonna open up the whole figure and do some major customizing, but I don't want to accentually break some joints or something, so I've decided to just customize the head.

I use blow dryer to heat up He-man's head to separate the hair from the head,
then use "Resin Clay" to make the hair and the beard, planning to repaint the loin cloth later.

and yes, I'm working on "Hercules PowerUP 2.2" it should be done in January 2011.

again Thank You for the supports!


  1. Wow, Mauleo!
    You certainly are talented. i've seen some other people do the same thing with the He-Man action figures-- actually, it was done with both the King Randor figure & He-Man.


  2. Interesting!!! Looks really neat for a custom toy! I always wanted to do this kind of stuff