Friday, October 1, 2010

Hercules Halloween 2010

Hercules as Bear / Lucien as Cupid 
I know it's too early for the Halloween theme, but I might not have time later to make one. 
(I'm using this one as my new desktop wallpaper now.)
Hercules as Himself / Lucien as Cupid
this is the naughty version, see something different ?

Thanks again to the Fans who purchase Hercules PowerUp 2.1 
I'm working on another project right now, I'll tell you more about it later ^_^


  1. happy halloween, mauleo
    Hercules is too sexy, even the pumpkin is scared of his strong maleness

  2. i;d like very much to lick that huge dick and have sex with that gorgeous man

  3. Thank you dear for this wonderful pictures.. I request you to continue this job for the happiness of gays. Plz draw the close up drawing of hercules big ass also.. Thanks a lot..