Monday, October 25, 2010

Hercules 1985

This is Lou Ferrigno's Hercules movie, well it's actually two movies in one disc(double sided DVD) "Hercules (1983)" and the sequel "Adventures of Hercules (1985)" aka "Hercules 2".
I bought it from "" years ago,

first time I saw this movie was when I was ten years old, and I had a hard-on...
yes, a hard-on, a boner, a erection what ever you want to call it.
But No..., watching Lou Ferrigno's bouncing pecs didn't turn me gay, it gave me a Fetish for bearded muscle men... 

if you are considering to buy this DVD, the story, special effects and acting is awful.


  1. Same thing happened to me. The first time i saw Lou Ferrigno's bouncing pecs, gave me a hard-on. Ive admired Lou since then and ive fantasized many times having sex with him and touching and licking his enourmes pecs.

  2. that sounds very familar to me :-), I had the same experience with the Hercules movies of Reg Park, he looks so hot and strong.

  3. Hi Mauleo
    I prefer the Hercules with Reg Park from the 60s. He was a handsome guy and hairy (sigh)...
    I have the Reg Park Hercules movies in VHS & DVD. The movies were in Italian but dubbed into English. The cinematography is pretty bad. There are some scenes where Hercules goes down to Hades and it's dark- you can't see where Hercules is running/ walking sometimes.
    I'd say the movies are kinda cheesy, but I don't care about that. I just like seeing Hercules' hairy, muscular chest (sigh)... LOL

  4. Both the Lou instalments have a bondage scene. The first one in chains and the second one in a spider web. Every time I see that part of pictures of it gives me a hard on. It's a real turn on. Hey Mauleo, these are some interesting elements for your story. Keep it up!

    1. That’s 3 bondage scenes if you include the one in the first movie where Hercules is tied up in chains and thrown into the sea

  5. had no idea lou's hercules movie had a sequel.

  6. Lou Ferrigno is amazing! there are so many hercules actors in the world, but he nailed it.
    although, my first encounter with this God was not as Lou the "hercules" but "sindbad" (I am sure you know that one).
    those moments, when I first saw pecks like tits, bouncing up and down on that marvel of a chest shining, in bad positioned, reflector light, like golden globes only partially coated by a feeble,undersized vest and nothing else, while he was pretend-guiding a boat over seven seas. he ripped that thick chain apart, easy like its links where made of rubber (witch they probably where) and all around him guys, huge and small, where watching disbelieving, admiring and I am sure some lusting. I wanted so bad to be one of his companions, maybe standing there just watching him, beat people up, flexing these rock hard muscles while shooting lasers out of crystal balls he squeezed in his huge hands, casually touching that deep, deep incredible deep cleavage on his sweat-glistening chest with my own much tinyer hands... I am going to stop here. these moments are burned into my eyeballs since that time, I too was not older than 10 but in the next 12 years, I never saw one guy, how even came close to Ferrigno´s performance of that time.

  7. I’ll say it Lou Ferrigno’s pecs and bondage in Hercules made me hard too. I also love him as this guy Han in Seven Magnificent Gladiators.