Saturday, August 4, 2018

Summer is not over yet 2018


  1. Hey, Mauleo, can you tell us when, more or less, you'll release "Battle or strong man III"?

  2. Wow!! It seems that tiny trunks are the only garments that can fit Hercules! He must be allergic to shorts and shirts ... Wow!

  3. holy fuck i love his hairy pubes and legs hot as fuck the mix of muscle and hair drive me crazy please Mauleo can you to draw Hercules showing off his big muscle hairy Ass to us? pleasse i beg you!!

    1. God dammn Pietro it´s my dream of consumption just 2 pics of hercules
      1 just showing hairy butt
      2 hercules spreading apart his furry big asscheecks and exposing his hairy anus after that I would die happy
      wil be great Mauleo dont be a bad boy !!