Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Hercules Battle of Strong Man 3 released

Yes, it is completed!

Many thanks to the supports from fans of Hercules.

Battle of Strong Man has finally made it into the third chapter.

Hercules will battle more soldiers again in this chapter.

If you're expecting something nasty, you'll be disappointed this time.

Hercules Battle of Strong Man 3

Now available for purchase at www.mauleo.com 


  1. I'm impressed! You did something amazing! Congratulations! I can not wait for what will happen next ... You are a genius!

  2. my brain had an orgasm when he watched Hercules Battle of Strong Man 3 !!!!

  3. Wow Mauleo! You keep creating amazing comics! I wish you released several chapters at once, because I can’t wait for the next one!! Please hurry!!!

  4. Wow ! Fantastic ! Exactly what have been waiting to see. Can't wait for next chapters !