Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Hercules the Protector

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  1. Hello, Mr. Mauleo.
    It's been a while since I visited your Blog (sorry for my English language, it's not my language). As I said before, I love your work, your drawings, stories and especially your characters!
    I read that you had already closed your Blog, but, How? You have a lot of talent, never mind crazy or aggressive people who abound on the internet.
    I am a woman, but I enjoy your art too much. The first time I saw your character Hercules, really (it's true) excites me a lot and since then I've always thought that I would like to have a friend as strong and erotic as Hercules (Hercules looks a bit like my brother-in-law, who He also does exercise, although he does not have, of course, those big muscles).
    Keep doing this art that you love (and me too).
    I only have a couple of questions: Why is Hercules almost no longer naked and with his Super huge cock? Why does the cute little Lucien no longer grasp the great genital bulk of Hercules? I would like Our friends Hercules and Lucien to have a fight of lovers and then have a beautiful and erotic reconciliation (and I would like Hercules to have a more underwear, MORE, small, almost a thong ... Ha ha ha ha ha, no pay attention to this last, Mr. Mouleo).
    Do not be afraid and keep doing what you like (and to we).
    Cheer up my friend!