Sunday, September 7, 2014

Playing the new Sims game

  There will be an extra week delay for the new comic, because I'm playing the new Sims game that released a few days ago. It's a very addicting game...and no, I do not recommend this game to any hardcore or a just for fun gamer.
  For the Sims fans. This game will disappoint you if you enjoy the open world and freedom to customize almost anything in the previous game. Yes the new game is much more fluent and smoother in game play, but it also lacks many small details from the previous games. It feels like everything's been simplified comparing to the previous game.
  Overall, I had lots of mixed feelings about this game. I like how they improved on the game play and fixed a lot of problems the previous Sims game had, but also failed to preserved many great features from the previous games.
  Yes, it's a fun game to play in general, but not for everyone.      


  1. I am not sure if I'm going to buy the Sims 4 as it has gotten several bad reviews...

    I hope you don't keep us waiting for too long. I'm excited to see Hercules defeated by the crusher (I hope). ^_^

    1. Well, they improved lots of things in the game that nobody would notice unless playing the game in "live" mode.

      The sims are more interesting now. They don't get stuck and queueing up to get through the small doorways anymore. They would fall asleep in the bathtub when exhausted. and many more small details like this.

      But they also don't have vehicles, swimming pools, restaurants, policeman and fireman...

      Very much improvements, however, lacking very much anticipated contents.