Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

This is an old sketch abandoned in my computer files for about a year or two.
Didn't have time to create the Valentine's day picture for this year, so I dug up this rough old sketch and colored it.

I'll be boarding the plane to Greece tomorrow.
Still going through the details of my plans for Athens.
And I just found out the Metro rail from the Airport will be closed during my visit, probably going to take the suburban shuttle bus to go downtown of Athens.

I will complete "Hercules and the Mage part3" after I return from Greece.
schedule to release the comic in early March 2014.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone !



  1. Happy Valentine's Day, Mauleo
    Have a safe trip and fun in Athen.

    1. Just Arrived Safely In Athens.
      Having a bit of diagreedments with my small web book cumputer.