Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hercules PowerUp 2.2 (Released)

sample of page 13

Yes, it's finished !  
Hercules PowerUp Chapter 2 Part 2 (24pages .jpg digital  707x1000pixel)
the price is $10 usd, you can purchase at

Thank you very much for your supports!!



  1. wow, awesome, can't wait to buy it.
    I already tried to purchase your comic, but AlertPay don't accept MasterCard at the moment (Temporary MasterCard Processing Delay)and it's my only Credit Card. I hope they fix it soon. ^^

  2. Awe, the purple meanie has a lil' purple winkie. Clearly outmatched by Hercules in many ways.

  3. and what would you say the two giants hercules vs hercules dark: P

  4. soy Gabriel wolf muy hermoso gay muy grnade mejor hombre

  5. hahahhaha it's great to know that every time Lucien lick,rub,or suck Herc great and monster dick Herc will be power up hehehehehhe!!!!!!! could you post this comic for free plsss