Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Expensive Japanese Toy

Hades (object mode)
from Saint Seiya (Japanese Manga) Saint Cloth Myth Toyline.

I picked this up yesterday from the toy store, the sale price was 7875yen, 
I got it for a bit lesser than 6500yen ($78.50usd) it's still freakin expensive...
speaking of Japanese Toys, I'm sure almost everyone knows about the tsunami and the nuclear power plant incident. 
No, I haven't  donated, but I guess buying expensive Japanese Toys is another way of donating to Japan...

I'm gonna start working on Hercules PowerUp chapter 3 soon, feel free to express your Ideas or suggestions for the future chapters.



  1. AWSOME! Ive never seen an ACTUAL Hades armor, only on manga (:O
    BTW; LOVE your art man! Spetially the way you slightly bulk the proportions. Its hard to do, but you do it in a really gorgeous way!^3^

  2. You could have Hercules battle a giant cyclops who is even bigger than he is! Hercules would win of course after some awesome anal payback that shoots the cyclops off Herc's cock just like the Nemean Lion! :-)