Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day 2011

Just made a quick sketch for Valentine's Day !

being single for almost eight years now, I'm starting to forget how it feels to be in Love ^_^ 
Valentine's Day may not be important to some,
but most people love to receive gift from their lover this day,
perhaps some flowers or simply a kiss will do.
singles, couples, what ever... wish you all have fun!
and always use condoms during sex.



  1. Right there with you Mauleo :/ Happy V-Day anyway! Hurc looks surprised to finally be getting a kiss :)

  2. Very Cute^^
    Happy Valentine's Day, Mauleo.

  3. D'awwww, that's a sweet picture <3

    Happy Valentine's Day =3

  4. Must have more!

  5. When do we see Lucien naked?

    This comic is darn good. I wish I could make comics that were this fun.

  6. I really like this picture of Lucien giving Hercules a kiss on Valentine's Day and i do hope they make a good couples.