Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gayest game I ever played

A quick sketch of the 1980's arcade game Altered Beast (SEGA)
there were actually two versions for the arcade,
sega reissued the Low resolution version on game consoles years ago,
the High resolution will probably be impossible to find these days, they only exist on old arcade machines.   


  1. I remember Altered Beast. It was a fun game. But I think I recall Barbarian having the hotter guy. Although I'd have to admit Rygar was my big time videogame crush.

  2. LOVE it! You really are an exceptional artist.

  3. Hey, I remember this game.
    He is hot, great work.

  4. I think the gayest game character is Zangief from Street Fighter II

  5. I remember getting him powered up to his most muscular form and just staring ;)