Wednesday, September 18, 2019



  1. This is gold! Love seeing this test of strength with Hercules armwrestling Samson. Herc’s bicep are exploding with power, but he seems to be struggling under the incredible force of Samson. It would be great to see this scene play out, with our man Herc using all his strength, and showing Samson who is the boss!!!

  2. You are the medicine for hard days...!

  3. “So pathetic and WEAK!” Samson taunted as he easily pressed Hercs struggling arm closer and closer toward defeat.

    Hercules grunted in pain as he searched for the strength to power back.

    “Is that all you’ve got? Are you even trying? I figured you’d at least put up a fight! This is embarrassing” Samson barked as he dominated the arm wrestling battle with Hercules.

    Samson’s rippling muscles were pumped with raw strength, and actually seemed to be getting larger. With one arm controlling the fight, he flexed his other bicep in the face of Hercules, who was wincing under the pressure of the powerful onslaught of muscle and strength. His colossal bicep cast a shadow on Hercules.

    “Come on big man!!! Show me what those huge muscles can do!!” Afraid that his hero was being overpowered, Lucian cheered as he rubbed his hand on Hercules rock-hard biceps.

    With sweat dripping down his massive body, Hercules looked over at his worried Lucian. He knew he couldn’t disappoint his biggest fan. His mighty cock began to grow with renewed excitement while his biceps bulged even larger, and now rivaled those of Samson.

    “GRRRRR!!!” Hercules growled as he powered his arm up from near doom.
    “Measure these guns now!” Hercules flexed as the two giants compared biceps as their mighty arms battled for dominance.

    Signs of fear and exhaustion became evident on Samson’s face as he realized Hercs muscles were beginning to take control...

  4. I watched comics in which Hercules fights Samson. I noticed that Samson likes to throw Hercules to the ground ... I like it but only when Hercules gets up and fights on.

  5. I would like to see (in future issues) human soldiers from the modern world attacking directly the hairy chest of Hercules with bullets..but because simple bullets cannot damage him, they found (eventually) a workaround with powerful lasers or plasma guns, or perhaps a combination of silver bullets with dark magic which can severely weaken him (maybe at first they used only advanced technology instead of simple metal bullets and achieved to stun Hercules, after that they realized that only dark magic would be the permanent solution). And on this story arc, a group of scientists manages to imprison him to perform experiments with his sperm, extracting his juice with an special machine and using it to create the supreme supersoldier... and of course in the cum´s extraction Hercules suffers terrible pain and loses his strenght, for the moment. At the end, Herc will free from the mad scientists but he will fight several super soldiers that already drunk his powerful cum, so it will not be an easy task.

    1. I always imagined that Lucien could get back through the portal that led him to Hercules' World and that Hercules would go after him, desperate and naked ... But here in the real world Hercules's strength would be reduced to that of a mortal man and that only his incredible sperm jet would remain, which would attract evil scientists who would exploit Hercules's poor body, to Lucien's despair, who would desperately try to return to Hercules's World and be able to take the strong, naked man with him.

    2. There are so many places these stories can go. That’s a great idea!

  6. Seeing this makes me feel even MORE arouse.

  7. So, how do I get these two sexy hunks of beef to engulf me in their eternally amorous embrace?