Tuesday, September 12, 2017

How heavy can Hercules lift?


  1. Would love to see Hercules be out lifted! Would he cum if he ran out of strength?

  2. This is hot! Herc makes it look so easy, but I bet the muscle Mage could out lift him. Would love to see Herc have a weightlifting showdown!

  3. looks cool, good job.

    Herc: lightweight, Babe.

  4. Hercules = Big Ramy!

  5. Could you create a kind of romantic love story of Hercules and where he penetrates his love and cums inside with all the lust love in his eyes and also eventually allows his love to penetrate him for the first time as his sign of love for him and where comes and shoots in the air as his love cums inside of him? And at the end hercules and his love say how much that they love each other and kiss passionately after making love? How romantic and erotic.

    1. Sorry, not my style.
      But you'll find tons of it at Classcomics, and also in most gay porn videos.

  6. This is so hot! Would love to see Hercules do other feats and show off for Lucien by bending bars, lifting huge stones, break chains locked around his huge muscles by flexing. Keep up the great work!