Sunday, July 23, 2017

Rough sketch of Hercules July 2017

Many thanks to everyone supporting my works, especially to the people purchased both versions of Hercules and the Mage part 10. Thank you so much!

I am planning on a new short story for Hercules and Lucien, the story will start to take shape soon.


  1. Always excited about the next comic! The last ones were great! I loved both versions!!!Even though I really would've loved to have seen Herc defeat the Mage with pure strength, similar to how 10b ended...but with Herc being more powerful one. Seems to me like Herc only defeated the Mage because of a technicality, and that the Mage really was the stronger one in both versions. Keep up the great work Mauleo!

    1. Yes, I had also notice that the Mage part 10, is not as satisfying as a ending. I was considering on extending the fight for Hercules and the Mage, but I didn't wanted to have more people complaining about the story never ends. so I decided to not create Mage part 11 and just end it at part 10. thus it felt a bit rushed on the ending.
      Thank you for your comment.