Saturday, November 28, 2015



  1. Love Hercules looking huge. Your work is the best. Can't wait to see the next part of the Mage. I hope it's soon! All the pictures so far look great. Is this pic a preview of Hercules in the future? It looks like he's been given lots of power. Anyway, I can't wait to see him drained of his cum. I want to see Hercules defeated!

  2. Whoah that's hot!!! I'd love to see those big muscles put to the test. Let's see how strong they really are!

  3. Love the pumped up Hercules. The bigger they cum, the harder they fall. ;) Great work Mauleo.

  4. Hercules moaned in pain as the Crushers strength increased dramatically. Lucian watched in fear as his mighty protector struggled in vain to get the upper hand. As the Crushers hold tightened, his fat body began to harden and explode with rock-hard muscles from head to toe. Drinking so much of Herc's cum was transforming him into a muscular giant whose growing muscles now eclipsed those of Hercules.
    "I am now stronger than you Hercules! Just look at your puny muscles compared to mine" the Crusher laughed with confidence.
    Lucians dick began to harden as he witnessed his brawny hero being manhandled by a stronger opponent. Watching the Crushers bulging biceps as they squeezed the life out of Hercules was turning him on. He never thought he would see his Hercules, the strongest man in the world, be dominated to intensely and lose a contest of strength.

    "I know what Herc needs!" Lucian thought to himself. Lucian swiftly scooped up some of the powerful cum, and without hesitation, climbed up on the back of the Crusher and placed the cum in Hercules mouth! Hercules swallowed as the Crusher twisted his head, knocking Lucian to the ground.
    Slowly, Hercules own muscles began to burst with renewed power and size!
    "Come on Herc!" Lucian yelled! "You can do this! Keep growing for me big man! Let me see those muscles get bigger and stronger! Don't let me down tough guy!"
    Steadily trying to break the Crushers strong hold, a look of intensity came across Hercules face as he flexed his swelling muscles....