Saturday, June 7, 2014

Pen grip replacement

I've been using this same wacom tablet for who knows how many years now.
Well I finally decided to replace the pen grip, because it's all worn out.
Being an artist/illustrator means hardwork.
  No, artist/illustrator don't need to do heavy liftings or show up at the office five days a week. What artist does is turn thoughts and imaginations into images, graphics.
  Some artist/illustrator are very good at creating realistic images, and some are not.
  I'm one of those slow learner since I was a child. Yes, I suck at almost everything in school,
Including making friends. But I always had a passion for drawing, however, believe it or not, l suck at drawing too. I always remember the first time I had an opportunity to participate in an art program provided by the school. But was denide because I couldn't understand how to draw a cube. Yes, I couldn't understand the difference between a square and a cube. that was me about twenty five years ago.

Thank you for your supports!


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