Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday 13th

I've finally booked my plane ticket to L.A. for Bent-Con this year.
Yes, I'll be there, but as an attendee.(more updates later)


  1. OMG! Jason is about to kill Hercules on Friday the 13th on a bad day.

    1. Too bad, this day is probably gonna be unlucky for Jason.^_^

  2. The path was dark. Small slivers of moonlight pierced through the trees. Treacherous journeys were nothing new to Hercules. Each one posed its own unique challenges. None of which were able to overcome the powerful Hercules. The night grew increasingly silent. The only sound was Hercules' heavy steps as breaking twigs and leaves crunched with each brutish step he took. Then suddenly, the path, and the entire forest, disappeared as a dark cloud enveloped the moon. Hercules could see nothing. Before he could move a muscle, a massive hand grabbed his throat. With swift power, it easily muscled the mighty Hercules off his feet...