Friday, December 21, 2012

Snow Ball

 Looks like Lucien is about to do something very Naughty.  

  I saw " The Hobbits : An Unexpected Journey " at a theater this Monday (alone again). I am excited to say that the movie was much more than I expected.
  The first time I saw the trailer of this movie, was when exiting an IMax theater after watching "The Avengers 3D" with two friends. One of them had to use the bathroom after the movie, so we waited in front of one of those Screens that runs Movie trailers continuously. And we saw " The Hobbits " trailer. My friends thought it was a sequel, I had to explain to them that
The Lord of the Rings only had three books, it's the prequel actually. The Hobbits came before The Lord of the Rings. 
  I was anxious to see this movie being made at first, but then I realized the main characters were Dwarfs(I never read the books before), I was like " Dwarfs? " Hell, No! 
 I'm not watching this movie even if I loved the " Lord of the Rings ".
  However, I decided to go see this movie because I saw this movie review saying, "If you enjoy The Lord of the Rings, you'll definitely enjoy this movie as well. "  
  So, I got over my judgmental ass, and went to the Theaters.

Happy Holidays everyone! I guess the world's not ending anytime soon now. ^_^


  1. Oh Luicen, you won't dare ;)
    I thought Herc alrady has two big balls.

    Thanks for another hot pic. Happy Hollidays, Mauleo!

    1. Lucien notice that Hercules is not affected by the cold weather,
      so he decided to give Hercules a snow ball to the balls, for the big guy to feel the weather, too.^_^

      Happy Holidays!