Friday, July 27, 2012

Summer part2

  Summer in my region is very uncomfortable, temperature constantly reaches 32 Celsius .
Although it's nothing comparing to weathers in dry desert areas. However, it's not  just the heat, it's high humidity plus hot temperature. Combine them and you get the result of "Hot Sticky" weather. Sometimes rain showers helps cool down the heat, but it also increase the humidity.


  1. magnificent statue, who would not want to receive such a prize;)

  2. I hope this is a preview of what's to come for Hercules! :D

  3. Are you working in a story like Power up 2.2? I mean we are already in August 2012 and the last story was posted in November last year!! Yes, I'm kind of pushing you cause I like your drawings and would love to see some significant news here.

    1. Yes, Hercules PowerUp chapter 3 is on its way.
      Thank you for your supports!

  4. Oh wow, finally herc show his foreskin, hope theres a scene Lucien play with the foreskin, perhaps doing a cleaning service.... he he

  5. Where is the new chapitre of Power Up ? :/