Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

 Happy New Year everybody !
   I'm always amused by those muscle enhanced /morph pictures on the Internet.
It's easy to create something big, but big with good proportion is not.
  This is just a sketch of an idea in my head, thanks to fans and friends who suggested it.
And yes, this is going to be in a future chapter of my comic, although there might some slight changes.

Thanks for all the supports!


  1. Hey Mauleo,

    I would very much love to see Hercules get even bigger! I also would love to see him get drained/depowered.

    Have you ever read any superman comics? There was a dangerous villain called the parasite who drained him of his powers.

    I hope this inspires you to write something similar! :)

  2. Whooo real beast now :D
    Looking very promising looking forward to!

  3. !!LOVE IT!!

  4. more more....
    Bigger muscles and penis. Bigger cumshot.

  5. Agree with Louie! I would love to see Hercules as bottom >:D Only a man like him would take all sizes... : 3

  6. Personally I'd like to see Hercules grow big enough to fight a giant/titan on equal grounds, now THAT is a growth story!