Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hercules Assessories

 Another attempt on clothes design for Hercules...  
actually, I prefer him wearing white briefs only.

I'm working on the sketches for "Hercules and the Mage" (part 2) recently, making a few changes from the original settings, 
This is going to replace the Dark Hercules, an muscle enhanced Mage. 


  1. Superb Mauleo!
    This Mage looks like hes gonna be the one to put mighty Hercule into all kinds of powerholds...full nelsons...headlocks...bearhugs...WOOOOF!

  2. Hercules looks amazing in those clothes. Of course, he looks just as amazing out of them.

  3. Somehow that fancy loincloth seems to make his package look even bigger! Haha. But I too am a fan of the white briefs and nakedness. Keep up the great work Mauleo!

  4. Excellent job with Muscle Mage.

  5. it looks fantastic, Mauleo
    I like both versions of Hercules. I also prefer the version where he wears white brifes only a bit more, but I also like the golden rings around his wrists.
    keep your great work

  6. great image... although the idea of a Dark Hercules is very interesting. Maybe the Muscle Mage as battles Hercules starts to take on more and more of Hercules form... anyway great images and comic