Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hercules quick sketch

Another quick sketch, thought I'd spare a bit of time for a sketch to update the blog,
this sketch took about half an hour to complete.

I'm still working on "Hercules and the Mage (part 1)"
coloring the comic is a slow process...


  1. LOVE the perspective! I feel as if I could just reach right up and caress that HUGE nutsack. Mmm, loves me some BIG nuts.

  2. can you post the comics of ch2 for free pls love your work!!!!

  3. thanks for the sketch
    Herc looks hot as always

  4. Herc will look so hot n' sexy with his wrists tied behind his huge ass!

  5. love the upward angle -those huge muscletits and nipples are hot as shit! I love imagining a massive muscle bull comes up behind him and slaps a full nelson on him-holding him SOLID