Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hercules Outfit Design

 Just having fun with new sketch ...
I had to cover Herc up with something, so I got the chance to make a outfit for him.
cause I don't  want to get in trouble for drawing him holding a child wearing only his briefs.
(yes, he is teasing the boy with his bicep)


  1. When will the second chapter be ready?

  2. Even big musclemen can be cuddly. ♥

  3. so hot, the best comic ever, cant wait for chapter two

  4. Well I am glad he is wearing some clothing. I was getting tired of him being naked or just wearing tight underwear and ejaculating so much, gross.

    Nice comic though, it is very interesting and I would not mind looking at the second chapter.

    P.S 我说一点儿中文。:)

  5. Where's his body hair?