Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hercules in Chains

   This is where it all started, a pic I drew few years ago.(Hercules in chains)
   Yes, I admit that I have a perverted mind,
an helpless bearded muscle man in chains is a turn-on for me,
it has always been one of my major fantasies...

These are the sketches I made for the comic (Hercules PowerUP page 8)


  1. Maybe you could do a prequel one day and show the TORTURES Herc endured while being held in bondage! I agree about big hairy muscle in chains, GRRRR.

  2. Big muscle bound white guy vs. big muscle bound black guy...super turn on...woof

  3. great artwork~
    not only u , i have the very similiar thought also..
    but my fantasy is always superman...
    i did draw a few, but far not as good as yours