Saturday, August 11, 2012

New Korean Chopsticks

 Lunch, chicken noodles again.
 A bit too much rice-wine in the noodles, it tasted bitter. >_<
( I'm probably gonna feel drunk through rest of the day... )
 Closeup of the new chopsticks. ( made in Korea )

  I've purchased these new chopsticks on-line, and received them yesterday. They're about a inch longer than the old ones I have. And yes, one inch does matter.
  The old ones was 8 and a quarter inch(21cm), the new ones are 9 and a quarter inch(23.5cm).
Unlike the Chinese and Japanese chopsticks. Korean chopsticks are flat and made of stainless steel, thus they last much longer than the traditional bamboo or wooden chopsticks.



  1. bon apetit

  2. there is only one chopstick I am interested in right now.